TTA Panel as
IEC 61439
& IEC 61641


Appointed by Schneider Electric as Core Components Panel Builder for LT Switchboards as per IEC 61439 - Part 1 & 2

Alternate Text

Type Tested LT Switchboards at ERDA, Vadodara for VIVASET as per IEC 61439 - Part 1 & 2:2011

Verification of Temperature Rise Test.
Verification of Short Circuit Withstand strength Test & Protective Circuit.
Verification of IP 43 Test.
Verification of Dielectric Properties Test.
Verification of Mechanical Operation Test.
Verification of Resistance of Insulating Materials to Abnormal Heat & Fire due to Internal Electric Effects Test.
Verification of Thermal Stability of Enclosures Test.
Verification of Mechanical Impact (IK10) Test.
Verification of Clearance & Creepage Distances Test.
Verification of Effective Earth Continuity between Exposed Conductive Parts of the Assembly & the Protective Circuit Test.
Verification of Resistance to Corrosion & Severity Test.
Verification of Lifting Test.
Verification of Marking Test.


The bolted design ensures superior surface finish, facilitates easy.
Manufactured out of mild steel, galvanized steel & stainless steel.
Modular design aids easy extensibility on either side.
Suitable for both top or bottom cable entry.
Design (special designs available for higher levels of Ingress Protection).
Dust-proofing levels up to IP54 can be supplied in the standard.
Designed to ensure the protection of equipment up-to IP 65 levels.
Partial or full glass doors.
Doors can be hinged on either side depending on site conditions.
Concealed & easily removable hinges with the 120-degree opening.

Manufacturing Range of Custom Built Panels

Power Control Center.
Motor Control Centre.
APFC Panels (Contractor/Thyristor based).
DG Synchronizing & AMF Panels.
Power Distribution Boards.